Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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Life has been hectic and busy for us! Since I work full time, it's been tough to keep up the blog and I found more people were stopping by on facebook, so we've moved over there. Please stop by and like the facebook page to see what we've been up to, or follow me on twitter: mickeyinstyle 

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Cape May Cafe

Another food post?  Terrific.  Today, I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves in describing the amazing seafood spread at Cape May's Clam Bake dinner.  Yeah, it tasted even better than it looks. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Ready for Summer!

The guys enjoyed all the adventure on our trip to Typhoon Lagoon, but the girls hung out most of the day in the lazy river.  Do you head out to the waterparks or relax at the pool on hot afternoons at Disney?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Club Cool!

As the weather warms up here, its getting HOT in Florida.  One of our favorite places to cool off a bit is Club Cool at Epcot.  They offer some neat flavored carbonated beverages from around the world. 
In our house, we all like different flavors.  Have you ever been to Club Cool?  Whats your favorite flavor?

Monday, April 22, 2013

50's prime time cafe

I love when my food also serves as my entertainment.  I have a great story from Junior High about a cake, but I'll save that for another day.  Today, I want to talk about a great, entertaining dining option at Hollywood Studios.  If you're looking for something to do with that teen or pre-teen who really thinks they are too cool for a character meal-this might be your solution. 

At 50's Prime Time Cafe, you're one of the family.  Literally.  There's all kinds of crazy antics.  When you walk in, you are transported to a 1950's living room area to wait.  Served by "uncles" "cousins" and other family, you learn quickly to use your manners and clean your plate.  Serving homecooked favorites like chicken, pot roast, and meatloaf along with hearty vegetables, you'll get a great meal for your money, just remember Keep your elbows off the table. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

My First Trip!

Ok, so I might not remember every detail from my first trip to Disney, where I celebrated my 10th birthday.  The great thing about pictures is that I can look back and see that my brother and I did get along, at least for a few minutes!  Here's a picture of us on Dumbo!

My parents didn't know what they were doing when they took that first trip in 1989 to visit Disney world.  In those days, there were only two parks.  We didn't stay on property, and no one even knew what a meal plan was!  It didn't stop them from taking us to eat at the Castle though!  This trip is where my love of all things Disney truly began.

So often, I hear people talk about the "perfect" age to go to Disney. We've taken our daughter at 2, 3 and she'll go this summer as a 4 year old.  She won't remember all the details, but she will remember that we took trips together as a family.  We took a 14 year old with us a few years ago, and she loved it.  She collected autographs, rode big and little kid rides, and explored the countries.  This summer, I'm taking my best friend.  She's going to have a birthday while we're there, and its her first trip.  There's something magical about vacationing with people you love.  It shows you're willing to take time out from everyday life to spend time together.  That is probably half of the magic.

The perfect age for Disney is every age-from newborns to great-grandparents, there's something for everyone.  Thats what makes Disney special.  It's not just thrill rides, outdoor sports, or kiddie rides.  It's family time, doing things together and enjoying life. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

German Dining!

 I am sure I have shared before about how I used to skip the World Showcase because it did not interest me at all.  Well, times are changing, and I have started forcing myself to spend time exploring the countries.  My husband has always wanted to do this, so he is happy about my change of heart.  My 4 year old daughter seems to enjoy doing the kidcot fun stops, so I really have no excuse. 

I am surprised to learn that I actually enjoy these explorations and have spent more time on the two most recent trips enjoying the world showcase than I ever have in the entire time I've been going to Disney. 

Over the Christmas break, we wanted to do the Candelight Dinner package, and at the prompting of some friends, tried Biergarten in the Germany Pavillion. 
This place was amazing!  The food was great (I could eat pretzel bread until I passed out if you let me) and the entertainment was even better!  It was interactive, information and just plain fun! 

What world showcase pavillion is your favorite?